“Never To Old To Dream”


“Never To Old To Dream”

Yesterday as I was driving in town around 10 in the morning. Inside the car I was listening to a christian station called “K-love” I was hearing Chris Tomlins: Hallelujah. The story of Jesus and his birth.(Away in the manger redux) Getting to my house I seen a man standing on the side walk looking at a new vehicle at our local dealerships. This man looked like a hardworking man with work boots and ruff pants. He was wearing a hat covered with a hoodie because it was cold outside. He looked Hispanic late 40’s. He stood glaring for 10 seconds then put his head down and continued to walk.

Getting home, hearing the song, seeing him inspired me to these thoughts and ideas. In the song of “Away in the Manger” It talks about the three wise kings searching and finding the baby Jesus. Did you know that the Kings didn’t actually find Jesus of Nazareth until he was a child? Remember the bible talks about the a king that had ordered to kill all babies during the time of Jesus’s arrival. The 3 wisemen maybe followed the star to find Jesus but it wasn’t like a stroll down the park. It was years.

You have to understand that like this man I seen standing glaring at a possible dream and the persistence of the Kings(3 wise-men) we hear about were of both in the same state of mind. You can too! Like these men, no matter what age your at. You gotta believe its there. You gotta physically find it. You gotta focus and then work to achieve it. Dream! Its the only way you escape reality to see whats out there for YOU.


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