Problems or Opportunity?


Things in life will happen! Regardless! The idea is to be ready for them and control the way they dictate our emotions and our choices once they happen. So motivation is one thing but education to life is another. Here’s a story.

Two Salesmen selling shoes travel to Africa. One arrives earlier then the other. He calls back and tells his company “Oh man! Your not gonna believe this…NONE of these fine folks believe in shoes. Matter of fact NONE of them have any on! I’ll be returning soon…..” They very next day the second companies shoe salesmen arrives and calls the company immediately! “YOUR NOT GONNA BELIEVE THIS! NONE OF THESE FINE FOLKS BELIEVE IN SHOES AND NONE ARE WEARING THEM! SEND ME ALL YOU GOT CAUSE THEY NEED THEM!..”

Obviously we can see what this story was all about. Both having the knowledge of what they are capable of doing. (Selling shoes) But only one seeing the problem for opportunity. Have the motivation and when the problems come. Use your education to solve the problem and find your opportunity.


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