Meet Shane!

Founder of Empire Promotions. Shane is a keynote speaker, coach, and mentor. Join him in his creative events or see him speak at many of his entertaining seminars!


Shane is one among the most gifted and proud public speakers for youth and adults. Raised in Roswell, New Mexico and Father of 3 children with a track record for success.

This is Shane!

Shane is someone of positive influence we should all meet!

A phrase Shane shares is:

“Success is measure by your failure and hard times create the character you will become.”

With this said he explains his warm and heart touching history by taking his audiences on a humorous and personal journey of his life’s achievements and stumbles.

Briefly losing his Mother at the age of 3 for ten years then later his Father at 13, Shane explains the choices he had to make growing up inside a world where his image and upbringing demanded the worse of his actions. As He gets older He explains and shows how some choices led to conditions that invited imprisonment or the cost of his life because of the lack of proper education and isolation from a real world. He closes his speech by explaining “there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” Powerful and captivating He gives an overview of a life without the knowledge or direction that youth or adults should know, motivating change and actions.


Later Shane started Empire Promotions, a promotional company that would allow him to tap into the public speaking industry. The company that would coin the term “Conquering Motivation By Inspiring Hope In Others”. He would use this platform to make a difference in his community that he loved and reach for higher ground by helping friends and local business by providing the promotional tools he learned for business marketing.


Shane is over-all a prevention speaker with a motivational presences with laughter. Because of a harmful world he endured, he can return to help the lost in an unspoken problem which may create bullying, suicidal tendencies, and other disrupting thoughts.


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