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WOW! No “Black Ops 2” for the next 21 days……

I’m known as The Final-Boss on the Sony Ps3’s Playstation Network and ranked #1 in the Platinum division on Call Of Duty’s World League. This action is raising lots of questions and concerns. I have a clan (Team) and at the brink of our 5 year return I’m leaving. Just obtaining my diamond guns to show off and giving up all the hard work for what? Why?!

For the first month of the new year I decided to fast. Fasting is something I do as a practice of faith in my religion. For the next 21 days one of the things I chose is to drop online gaming. This year will be ending in some parts of the country horrible. With mass shootings in theaters, malls, and schools we need a new vision and hope. As a school speaker one of the highest topic to discuss is bullying. I believe that we need to focus on violence in the homes and in the lives of others. Im willing to give up what I enjoy and pray about the change in minds and peace in life’s, so that this next coming year is safer for all of us.