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A King and Queen: royalty and its castle

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I try and create captions that will spark the interests of readers to help engage actions. Last year as I was talking to a business associate of mine we were documenting parts of my life. I said something I seen today that really impacted me and I want to share with you today.

“The best way I can explain my childhood and maturity is giving you a parable. Image your a prince or princess…..Image how life is like knowing your loved and having the great things that royalty can offer. How peaceful it is knowing your parents are the King and Queen. One day out of no where while your still a child you witness a destruction so powerful and disrupting that it destroys your kingdom and life as you know it. No more King and no more Queen. Your now an outcast looking for answers but hunted for who you are. The person your destine to become! As you grow you travel and learn the meaning of life, the hard way because you have no direction but to succeed in yourself. Now as an adult the hidden King or Queen you are, You are asked to return back to your kingdom and reclaim the hope that was established. Sounds of your screaming past play as you remember the worst.”

The most tragic and inspiring story is seeing the King or Queen return to there castle and rebuild the beauty they once knew. The castle that held their family and shared the joys of love and royalty knowing where they came from. To better understand your role, maybe you must rebuild what was broken, not only for your sake but the future of your kingdom…..


Fighting for yourself means to fight for others.


Listen to this for your life’s questions.

“When your called to do something you have to make your WILL stronger to reach the needs for others to complete yourself.”
-Shane M. Carabajal

Meaning that if you cant face your fears and overcome them to help others. You will not be completed in battling your own demons and reach your personal peace.

Lets look at hope..

Hope: A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Hope is an expression of an action. We often hear “Man, I hope this doesn’t happen” or “Let’s hope this goes our way” What I’d like to ask you today is to change the word hope into a physical action. Like a superhero be a symbol. Yeah, it might sound corny and childish but we need to see hope in a new form. If others near you can see hope still exists in a new form of actions, either by deeds, giving, caring, and speaking then we can reach a new level of hope and hope will service as its true purpose. Empowering others to perform.Image