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Lets look at hope..

Hope: A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Hope is an expression of an action. We often hear “Man, I hope this doesn’t happen” or “Let’s hope this goes our way” What I’d like to ask you today is to change the word hope into a physical action. Like a superhero be a symbol. Yeah, it might sound corny and childish but we need to see hope in a new form. If others near you can see hope still exists in a new form of actions, either by deeds, giving, caring, and speaking then we can reach a new level of hope and hope will service as its true purpose. Empowering others to perform.Image


You Have To Get Started To Be Great!


Starting on your personal journey for success, look to the trip as a camping journey. You check to see what you have and then what you’ll need.

A key thing to remember is that to head off and start you dont need the best tent, compass, or flashlight. As long as YOU know the way you can improvise and eventually gain the best things for the trip.