Hustling Motivation: A Life Story About The Struggles In Today’s World

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 Is it possible to have a guest that can speak about every topic that we are having problems with?

  • Bullying
  • Suicide
  • Tattoos
  • Drugs
  • Crime
  • Sex
  • Gangs
  • Violence
  • Abuse

Yes!, Shane can speak for it all in his “Hustling Motivation” seminar. Shane has leverage about speaking on these topics from personal experience. In this life story Shane touches and expresses entering and overcoming these troubles. He talks about the battles that are unseen in schools then links them. He gains the trust from his audience and teaches them to rely and trust each other. Shane uses improvisational comedy to build communication skills and leadership through this seminar. Shane encourages the purpose for education and empowers the will to create a successful life.

If you are having more troubles with a specific topic then majority, Shane can focus on this and stay for One on One counseling to help direct youth.

If your ready to start, please follow this link:


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